Tour Rouge | Tower Development
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Tower Development

Developmental Stages

The first three courses of the tower walls are made of cement blocks core filled with steel and concrete. From there on upwards I laid normal bricks in a radial pattern to ensure a smooth curved finish to the wall and, most fortunately, my next door neighbour provided me with sufficient scaffolding to reach the dizzy heights safely. I engaged a team of concreting professionals and a concrete pump to pour the slab for the top floor. The conical roof and ceiling presented serious challenges. I made the trusses myself and thankfully they passed the Council Engineer’s inspection. With a wet brick saw I cut out the round section of every tile then drilled, screwed and glued each one in place. I purchased the twisted bars and forged elements for the balustrade online from AWIS and welded them together in-situ. A bell-pull cable runs in a copper pipe through the slab and down into the room below. Perhaps the most challenging part of this project was the Venetian window, as it comprised two small arches in a curved wall.