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Surrounds Development

Developmental Stages

After moving in to our new home, the first project we embarked on was the irrigation system. We’d had a bore sunk and had to lay a main pipeline from the pump in a large circle right around the house. Then we tackled the paved driveway, a considerable endeavour which took many months of hard labour. I prepared the base and laid the header pavers around the edges. Danice laid virtually all of the whole pavers while I kept her supplied with pavers and levelled the base ahead of her. I then cut and laid all the segments to fill the gaps between the header pavers.
We had more than fifty truck loads of fill/soil delivered and I spread this with my trusty Kubota front-end loader. We planted hundreds of trees as wind breaks and as “walls” around garden rooms. In many areas we contracted large earth moving machine to rip trenches for these tree lines to give the plants a better start.