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/ 25.06.2020

In 2018 we extended the garden by building a swimming pool. A limestone fountain at one end of the pool faces a pavilion at the opposite end. The pavilion features an elevated verandah overlooking the pool, a double bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a walk-in...

/ 28.09.2016

The Venus garden, named after the shy Venus statue featured, is arranged around a simple rectangle of lawn. Venus stands in front of a wall at the northern end of the garden which is part of the tractor shed. I enjoy welding so created a metal grille in the...

/ 07.10.2013

A few gum trees studded our basically bare block back in the year 2001. We had lots of rock and little top soil so had to organise more than 50 truck loads of fill to be dumped and spread over the areas where we planned to establish the...